Doula Birth Support


Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – Strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.

Barbara Katz

There is no moment more human, more intense or more beautiful than the moment of birth.

Being present at such a miraculous time is a privilege beyond all others. Nobody can tell a woman how her birth will unfold.

That story can only be told by the birthing woman and her child. It’s their story to tell and theirs alone.

Empower a woman to make positive choices for her birth and she will dictate how her birth unfolds.

It is very important to know what services, support and advice a doula can provide for you.

My doula partner Kellie and I understand and trust birth. We will not provide medical advice and you can rely on us to:

  • be an amazing listener
  • trust in you and your ability to birth
  • empower you to negotiate the best care for you and your baby
  • find out your values and intentions for birth and respect your choices
  • acknowledge the power of birth
  • understand that birth is not a medical event
  • understand the importance of good prenatal education
  • respect the birthing environment and ‘your space’ during labour and birthing
  • know the importance of birthing in a quiet, dimly lit room, with no unnecessary interruptions
  • provide continuous support, reassurance and encouragement during labour and birthing, whether at home or in hospital
  • provide invaluable support and reassurance for your partner
  • respect your birthright to labour and birth your baby in your own time and in your own way.

The wisdom and understanding that Kellie and I bring to the birthing environment provides a protective bubble for you, allowing you to feel confident to birth your baby without fear. This, in turn, allows your partner to relax and enjoy becoming a new parent as well.

This continuity of care has proven to have many positive benefits for women, their babies and their families:

  • 50% less likely to have a caesarean
  • 25% more likely to have an easier, shorter labour
  • 60% less likely to ask for an epidural
  • 40% reduction in forceps use
  • Mothers are more satisfied with their birth experience
  • Improved breastfeeding rates
  • Less likely to experience postnatal depression
  • Better mother-infant bonding.

We take time to get to know you, to understand your values, intentions and fears and what you really need. We will answer all those questions that your caregiver may not have time to discuss. We have time. We are not bound by hospital policy and protocols and we have the knowledge to discuss all your concerns objectively, without judgement and can refer you to a range of reputable research, so that you can make your own informed decisions.

You can bounce your ideas off us, laugh with us and cry on our shoulder.

Of equal importance, we have time for your partner. We recognise that they have different issues and acknowledge and respect the significance to them of becoming a parent. For many partners, this is the only avenue they have for expressing their anticipation and concerns.

Our Promise to You


You cannot hurt our feelings in labour

We won’t lie to you in labour

We will do everything in our power so you do not suffer

We will help you to feel safe

We cannot speak for you, but we will make sure that you have a voice and we will make sure you are heard

Debra and Kellie xx

“Kellie and Deb are amazing Doulas!

They helped me feel more comfortable with birth, I had some pretty daunting ideas on what I thought birth was going to be and they really helped me reflect and see birth in a whole new light. It was no longer going to be a scary daunting event, but one that was positive and made me feel excited about how amazing our bodies are that we can grow AND birth these babies – by the end I was like ‘Let’s do this!!’

The birth planning helped keep my mind open to the different birthing options. I had time to consider the “what ifs” and have some acceptance if the alternative birthing option became my birth story.

It was perfect timing having Deb support me through labour – she even massaged me into Stage 2!! During labour, my husband and Deb alternated with back massages and heat packs to help ease the contractions. My husband even said afterwards that he was relieved to have Deb there to alternate and give him a break during this time. I just focused on breathing, relaxation and that was enough to get me through a natural drug free birth.

I was so underprepared for birth before I met Kellie and Deb, that even if my birth story ended differently, having them in my close circle of support would be enough, highly recommend.”

- Michelle Akhmediev – First time mum.