Women’s Wisdom

“A Circle of Women may be the most powerful force known to humanity.

If you have one, embrace it. If you need one, seek it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, dive in, hold on, love it up!

Get naked. Let them see you. Let them hold you. Let your reluctant tears fall.

Let yourself rise fierce and love gentle.

You will be changed!

The very fabric of your being will be altered by this, if you allow it.

Please, please allow it.”

Author Unknown

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In the meantime, please read the feedback from previous participants below.

Women’s Circle with Deb is a truly healing and immersive experience.

Every time I attend, I find peace, understanding and deeper understanding of myself. In Deb I find a woman who’s not only a guide, a teacher, a friend but also a healer. She truly cares for women’s health and wellness and I can’t recommend her presence and her energy enough.

Hope to continue circling and working with Deb for a long time!

– Anna Rova,

Girlskill: https://girlskill.com/

I nearly didn’t walk into the first Circle I was invited to… thank goodness I did!
I had no idea what to expect or what was expected of me but Deb instantly made me feel welcome and at ease.

The joy of circle for me over the years has become the shared experience of life, love and human condition with the other women from the circle.
Deb is a beautiful soul and has an incredible capacity to provide space for women to come together. With her guidance and support I have learnt so much about myself. The feeling of being held while safely exploring my innermost feelings and fears has proven to be incredibly rewarding and impactful experience.
I am so grateful for the work that Deb does and I highly recommend spending time with her and her incredible wisdom, in a gathering like this one if you can.

- Nicole Prior

Public Servant

Before I found Deb and experienced being part of her Women’s Circles I had been missing an essential part of my life – that of deep connection and communion with women.

We don’t really have a chance any more to sit around a well or camp fire and talk deeply about life and what it means to be a woman. Sitting in circle not only gave me the chance to speak and be really heard and supported, but also the space and time to listen deeply to my heart.

The circle is a magical, sacred and transformative space. I can’t wait to be part of it again. It changed my life for the better in a beautiful way.

Making this “women’s business” a priority and putting myself first was the greatest gift I could give myself. I am very grateful for Deb and her work.

- Ness Johnson

High School Teacher

I have enjoyed and been privy to Deb’s Circle and massage opportunities for well over a decade now.

Deep Quality gentle healing, like constant water smoothing a hardened rock. Her knowledgeable services are the go-to Gift Vouchers that I buy my Precious Ones, in the name of Best Care and Support, Because Deb is a Precious One.

- Louise

Registered Nurse

Deb’s women’s circles are such a refuge from my busy life. I always look forward to going, knowing that for a few delicious hours I can relax and be heard, validated and loved up.

 Spending time with like-minded women fills up my cup so beautifully and Deb’s presence and space holding skills are second to none.

- Kellie Hermes

Birth and Postpartum Doula

I began circling with Deb nearly three years ago. Deb holds the most safe and sacred of spaces for women to explore their truth, their darkest realms and emerge as their highest selves.

Being held and seen with unconditional love and acceptance by Deb and the beautiful women who find their way to her, has changed my life.

I found my truth in circle with Deb. I found my voice and I found my passion for life.

I am forever grateful for what Deb offers to our community and for what I discovered in her circle 

- Claire Clack

Birth Doula and Public Servant

Deb’s circles are something I look forward to on a regular basis. From my very first circle, I felt welcomed, heard, and supported. Every single circle of Debs I’ve attended has filled my cup and felt like a big warm hug. I may have entered as a stranger but I leave each and every circle with new friends. I’ve been encouraged to face my fears, to be strong, but also to be completely vulnerable, and have never been forced to share something I wasn’t comfortable with. In saying that, I’ve always felt completely comfortable sharing with the beautiful group as there’s absolutely no judgement!

There’s been laughter and tears, and the atmosphere is always magical! It has brought me so much clarity, many ideas, and a deep level of self awareness. And has taught me that self love is the most important love and the only love that really matters!

I can’t wait to get back to circling once this isolation is over and in the meantime, I absolutely can’t wait to experience online circles with this amazing group of strong, beautiful women!

Highly recommend you get your butt there and fill your own cup! Trust me, it’s sooo worth it! Thanks Deb!

- Krissy Heslop

Beyond Wellness Australia