Massage Therapies


Give yourself this time to come home to you.

KaHuna Massage

KaHuna (or Lomi Lomi) is a therapeutic massage technique based on the teachings and practices of the ancient Hawaiians.

KaHuna is much more than a physical experience. It also facilitates healing on the mental and emotional levels.

It has been credited for lowering stress and helping with anxiety and depression; relaxing and unwinding sore muscles; increasing circulation; normalising blood pressure; brightening your mood; boosting immune function and fostering sound sleep.

KaHuna relaxes your entire being and releases blocked energy flow in the body. It enables powerful healing on many levels and brings a feeling of peace and sense of joy to your soul.

“I had the most magical uplifting experience from Deb’s massage. She has magic in her small warm hands. Literally. She massages not just with her hands, but her whole body, heart and soul moves along with her strokes. Her strokes were very unique, and she’s got mind-blowing techniques. I even got massaged on my eyelids and earlobes which I thought was not possible. She exactly knows where to put pressure and where not to. Towards the end, she wrapped my whole body in some hot towel and moved my body. I literally drooled, floated and felt like a feather at the end. I did not doze off but wasn’t very present either. I had all my happy childhood memories flashing very subtly and it felt amazing.

More than a massage, I would call this an experience that everyone must enjoy at least once in their lifetime. She was very kind enough to give me a sample bottle of the oil she massaged me with. Very friendly, extremely experienced and highly professional. Can’t recommend her enough”

Preethi S Arvind - Media Marketing Manager

Pregnancy Massage

You will be amazed at the depth of relaxation and relief a pregnancy massage will deliver. It instils a calming sense of peace, quietens the mind and reduces stress and tension.

Pregnancy massage offers a safe and relaxing way to relieve some of your body’s discomfort. It can help reduce swelling, soothes the nervous system, helps with insomnia, muscle cramps and back and hip pain.

I have a custom-built table that allows you to comfortably lie face down in the earlier months of your pregnancy.

Nurturing both you and your baby from the first trimester through to postpartum recovery, my pregnancy massage, subtle energy techniques and use of therapeutic essential oils really help to balance and restore your mind, body and spirit.


 These changes in your body will last just 9 months; the beauty of motherhood will embrace you for the rest of your life.

“The most phenomenal massage I have ever had, and I have had a lot! Deb made me feel so comfortable from the second I walked in the door! Being nearly 30 weeks pregnant the aches and pains are real but I walked out feeling light as a feather.

Deb is absolutely amazing! I am so excited to book a few more for the remaining 10 weeks”

Carissa Blayden:

Owner – Flour and Frost, Canberra

“This is the most relaxed I have been since my son was born three and a half years ago! Having just had a new baby and not given myself any time for me – Deb worked her magic and I felt nothing but relaxed. Highly recommended! I will be back!”

Stephanie Sleen - Facebook

Post-Partum Massage

A full body massage is important for every new mother, not only for some well-deserved TLC after growing and birthing her baby, but for all the health benefits it brings.

  • Faster recovery from both vaginal and caesarean births
  • Relief of aches and pains from birth and feeding postures
  • Increases blood and lymph circulation
  • Restores the body and balances hormones
  • Boosts milk production
  • Reduces stress hormones and promotes feelings of peace and wellbeing

Special massage techniques restore muscle tone to abdominal muscles stretched by pregnancy.

I am happy to come to you if you find it difficult to leave the house after baby has arrived. For a small fee, my doula partner Kellie can watch your baby and do some light housework while you relax and enjoy your massage!

“There really are places in the heart that you don’t even know exist, until you love a child

Labour Massage

Women who receive massage and touch during labour are often less aware of pain and ultimately will have fewer medical interventions and possibly a shorter labour.

The use of massage has been proven to:

  • Shorten your labour – Massage increases relaxation during labour. It regulates your breathing, helping to keep you and your unborn baby calm and your body to let go.
  • Relieve pain – Gentle massage during labour floods the body with oxytocin so that the brain does not perceive painful surges as much. It is concentrating instead on all of the other sensations it’s feeling. Deep tissue massage stimulates the brain to release pain-relieving endorphins. It also decreases cortisol, or stress hormones and increases levels of serotonin and dopamine.
  • Ease stress and anxiety – When mums are massaged by their partners, they are both less likely to feel anxious or stressed. Partners feel that they are part of the birth process and this helps to deepen their connection.

I offer massage tuition to partners so they can feel confident being hands on before, during and after birth.

You can also hire me to come and massage you throughout your labour, so you and your partner can focus on being together completely at this special time

We have a secret in our culture; it’s not that birth is painful,

It’s that women are strong

Laura Stavoe Harm

Fertility and Womb Healing Massage

Fertility Massage Therapy is a beautiful combination of physical, emotional and energetic techniques to prepare your body for conception. Relaxing, non-invasive and effective as an alternative or complementary to IVF, it helps with circulation, hormone balance and womb alignment, while addressing any trauma or loss experienced in the past.

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Womb Massage Therapy is a nourishing blend of modalities used to treat PCOS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, pelvic adhesions, tilted uterus, painful or heavy bleeds, clotting, irregular cycles, constipation or IBS.

It also offers trauma release after abuse, rape, abdominal surgery, birth loss or termination.

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Combine with Yoni Steam and Castor Oil Pack for a luxurious healing experience

Inside each woman is a sacred space that connects this woman to wisdom, passion, life and empowerment.

This sacred space is our womb.


Reiki is an energy healing practice that is usually performed by placing the hands in a series of positions over the body. Reiki promotes healing by activating the relaxation response and helping the body to balance itself from a very deep level.

Benefits of Reiki include:
• Increased energy levels and mental clarity
• A sense of calm and balance
• Emotional healing and stability
• Clearing and balancing of Chakras
• Relief from chronic pain
• Boosts and strengthens the Immune System
• Compliments and supports conventional medical treatment
• Helps to deal with suppressed or blocked emotions and feelings
• Reduces stress, tension, anxiety and general emotional distress

A Healer’s power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.