Kind Words

Women’s Wisdom

In times like these, what better way to take care of yourself, than to attend a healing sacred women’s circle with Deb Namara.

She is a loving conduit to the Goddess energies that can help guide us to be more fully who we are, to overcome obstacles and to show us the way forward when we falter.

Her gatherings are so soulful, so democratic and so supportive. In her gentle, caring and generous way, she creates the space in which each of us can open to share and to be heard. She supports us to feel the tender holding and non-judgemental arms of the sisterhood created by her presence and that of the beautiful souls who gravitate to her.

If you have the good fortune to attend one of these sessions, consider yourself truly blessed!

-Susan West Moreau,

Holistic counsellor and Psychotherapist ,

Deb, what a treasure, a rare find! Few are able to hold the energy of strangers who’ve just met and immediately weave a blanket of trust, safety and magic so profound that transformation occurs in just a few short hours. But I’ve seen her do it time and time again.

I feel incredibly privileged to be part of Deb’s circle. I will continue to join her whenever I can as her work is woven into my DNA, the fabric of my spirit.

-Bianca Jurd

The Earth, Heart and Health Connection

Being part of a circle hosted by Deb Namara is truly a special kind of MAGIC!

Deb brings her extraordinary energy and generosity of spirit and creates a space outside time and physical reality. So safe. Every woman is seen and heard and held with truly no judgement.

After Circle, I feel as I have been on a journey, and leave feeling I have explored a unique world for weeks. I feel lighter, stronger, calmer, clearer and BIGGER! The outside world hasn’t changed but I have! And I always notice the beauty in the world after Circle and am filled by it.

Deb has an amazing ability to accept life as it is, the good bad and the ugly and create a space where you can let go and grow. She is a gift.

Everyone should be blessed with a Deb. Thank you Deb

- Jacqui Owen

Web Site Designer

I never even knew what a circle was before I met Deb. I was so nervous going into my first one. I shouldn’t have been, it changed my life.

I was welcomed into a circle full of love, acceptance and healing led by Deb. Deb opened a space for us, as women, to feel finally free to say anything, and to feel validated and heard. There is so much power and strength sitting together as women, listening to and supporting each other without offering solutions.

Deb leads Circles with strength, love and an open heart – and she is literally changing lives. Helping women find their inner strength and happiness to live their best life.

I wish every woman could experience this with Deb, it’s simply amazing.

-Emily Wright

Registered Nurse

Rarely do you find a therapist that is so intricately invested in the health and wellbeing of their client.

Deb Namara takes the time to understand the individual, as well as their ailments, specific to each client. She holds scared space for her clients to identify the root cause of emotional pain, manifesting as physical pain, and assists in the clearing of energetic blockages, allowing the body and soul to heal itself naturally.

All is welcome in the space she holds, which allows for whatever that needs to be expressed, to be expressed safely and confidentially.

The depth of love and gratitude I have for this woman is infinite. She has anchored me while I have moved through present life trauma, ancestral trauma or when I have simply needed a soothing massage – Deb’s intuition as to what is needed at the time is remarkable.

 If you are looking for more than just a feel-good massage, a way to truly heal on a physical and a soul level, Deb is your guide. I cannot recommend working with her more highly.

-Misty Dawn



“I booked my husband in for a massage with Deb after a hectic couple of weeks at work. He said it was great! Deb relaxed him quickly and easily and he smelled divine. He’ll be wanting massages all the time now.”

Amey Bencke, Doulatog / Facebook

“Simply the BEST massage ever!!!! Deeply relaxing, restorative and peaceful.”

Ness Johnson / Facebook

“Thank you again Deb! If you are after a fantastic massage look no further. From all the little touches in the room to the massage itself, it’s just divine!”

Meg Ferguson - Facebook

“I just experienced another amazing massage with Deb. She’s so caring and skilled at what she does. I always feel completely comfortable and relaxed with her.

Highly recommended

Kayla Rae

Astrologist & Psychic

“Really amazing massage, very relaxing, not painful the way some massages can be, but at the same time definitely worked out some knots. I’ll be back for sure!”

Camilla Smith /Facebook

“Deb is some kind of magic worker. Her massages are heavenly, soul nurturing and body healing – such a treat and a pleasure to be able to enjoy her amazing skill, care and love!”

Elisha Gorman / Facebook


“Deb Namara’s massage treatments are just divine. I always leave feeling incredible – so nurtured and uplifted. Highly recommend her for her in-home post-partum treatments too!”

Kellie Hermes ~ Doula

“Deb, thank you so much for yesterday’s amazing massage with you! It was so nice to be nurtured and cared for! Blessed.

Sarah Watkin

Sarah Watkin Wellness and Massage Therapy

“I have been in the beauty nursing industry for over 20 years. I can honestly say I’ve never had such a wonderful experience. And feel just more in tune with myself than I have in a long time. Thank you very, very much”

Emma Levett / Facebook

 “One of the most gifted healers I have ever been blessed to know. To be in the presence of Debra Namara is to be totally replenished, nourished and rejuvenated.
She is a walking heart.

Leonie Dawson

International Best-Selling Author

“Thank you Deb for all the blissful massages I have received through your healing hands. I have had so many insights and visions face down on your table while you were doing your work – Sacred Women’s Work. I am especially grateful for the way you have helped me to process deeply held grief, along with stress, overwhelm, fear and doubt. Feeling blessed indeed to have benefited from this incredible work you do.” Susi x

Susan West Moreau

Holistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist

“Once again Deb sent me away on a cloud of complete relaxation and juicy energy across my whole body.

Deb doesn’t just massage you; she honours you and I believe creates a space where we can fully receive that honouring.

Thanks Deb, you always deliver the sweet goods.”

Amber Nomchong

Health & Movement Coach, Breathwork Practitioner, Wellness Consultant, Body Being

“KaHuna is the most relaxing and therapeutic form of massage. I would highly recommend it for whatever ails you, or just as a treat! Thank you Deb, you have a truly gifted pair of hands.”

Nicole Prior / Facebook

Pregnancy | Post Partum | Womb Healing

“I have been struggling to fall pregnant for over two years. In that time I tried acupuncture, naturopathy, meditation, conventional medicine including IVF. I was stressed and anxious and grieving a miscarriage when I came to Deb for a massage. After a debrief of what I had been through, she offered me a womb healing massage. It felt a bit strange, but I could feel the weight of the world leave my body.

I will be coming back for more massages and a yoni steam because it feels right that I am more gentle and nurturing with my body as I heal and I am trusting that next year there will be a baby.”

L. Blyth / Email

“Most amazing pregnancy massage! I left feeling relaxed and free of aches and pains. Highly recommend” 

Nicole Longo / Facebook

“This was just amazing; just what I needed after having a baby, the massage was fantastic and she really wanted to know about me and my family. I will be going back.”

Melisa Thomson / Facebook

“I have had raging PMS for over 10 years. I hated my period, it completely wiped me out for two days each month with agonising cramping and fatigue. Deb mentioned that a vaginal steam session might help and I felt I had nothing to lose by trying it.

I cannot believe that after one session, my period came without my usual hysteria. I woke up one morning and there it was. I felt a dull ache in my belly, but it was bearable and I could go to work. It has felt like the greatest miracle because I have tried everything the doctors have prescribed and I was looking at surgery.

I have had two more steams since and the results are getting better each month. Such a simple and easy solution to something that has haunted me for so many years.

Women, you need to try this!! I thank you, but my husband thanks you more.”

Rebecca Onus

High School Teacher, Canberra

“Deb has magic hands…no seriously…magic… I came to her with some pretty fun sciatica when pregnant with my little girl and she was amazing and fixed my pain in one hour and a half session. I walked out of her house feeling light and relaxed and incredible. I’ve never ever had a better massage and recommend her to everyone. Thank you again Deb and can’t wait till my next appointment!”

Katie Phillips



A Dad’s Doula experience…

“My wife suggested that we get a doula for baby number two, until this point in my life I had never even heard the word doula, nor had any idea what they did.

Our first baby had been quite chaotic and stressful and we thought a doula might help us for baby number two. My wife started searching for someone that we would be comfortable with. We met with Deb at our home and she went through all the services that she provides and we started getting to know one another.

We hit it off with Deb and my wife and I felt super comfortable and confident with her.

The second birth to begin with went really well, the midwife, Deb and I did all we could to make my wife feel comfortable and taken care of. Post birth however the midwife called in the doctors as there was some sort of complication. My wife was taken to surgery as she was losing a lot of blood and Deb stayed with me and our new baby girl. My wife had to undergo another surgery and I was very stressed out; I was so thankful to have Deb there to help me with the baby as I think being by myself in that situation would have been quite traumatising. This was well beyond what I expected of a doula and we have maintained a lovely friendship to this day (nearly three years ago now).

Deb is caring, professional, well-spoken, has a sense of humour and has an exceptionally humanistic approach to child birth – pre, during and post birth. I happily call Deb my friend now and I was so thankful to have her there to bring my beautiful daughter to the world.

Thanks Deb.”

Gav Collins, Musician

Deb puts the D in doula, she truly is the guiding presence all women deserve to have supporting their birth process.

 My husband was overseas for most of my pregnancy and having her there to hold my hand (literally) was incredibly important.

When labour day arrived, Deb helped me birth the way I wanted and also showed my husband how best to support me as I brought our son Milo into the world with no drugs or intervention.

I could not imagine how different it would have been if I didn’t have her with me on this journey and feel so grateful for everything she’s taught me about becoming a mother and empowering me with the tools to make the choices that feel best for me.

Her massages post-partum are also an important part of healing and wonderful form of self care for a new mama bear, highly recommend!

There is no doubt that I want Deb to be there for hopefully future births for our family                                                                                            

Chelsea Rolfe, First time mum

“About half way through my labour I became fearful of what lay ahead and if I would be able to handle it.

Deb arrived and helped me get my breathing back on track and helped with some natural pain relief. It moved me back into a calm headspace and meant I could get through the labour without even considering medical pain relief.

I was so happy to have the natural and beautiful birth I had hoped for with Deb’s support.”

Jill - first time Mum / Email

“Hello Canberra!
I have recently had Deb as my Doula for pregnancy, birth and after birth and I can highly recommend her services!

What I benefited from most was her calming effect throughout the entire process.

In more detail:

I had pelvic pain – she offered tips and advice
I had back pain – she offered me a beautiful relaxing pregnancy massage
I had anxiety – she offered me kind encouragement and support
We talked through a birth plan and she reminded me about types of decisions we need to make throughout the birth.

Labour day
I called Deb to check when she thought I should go to hospital. She knew my background and suggested that ‘it’s time’ (it WAS time)
At hospital – I wanted day spa music – Deb set that up for me.
I wanted clary sage burning – she set that up for me.
I felt nauseous – she gave me peppermint essential oil to smell, and that eased my nausea.
I was a tad upset that my birth photographer wasn’t yet at my birth so Deb kindly took some pictures for me during different stages of the labour and they were great, just what I wanted.

I got in the bath and Deb helped me breathe and vocalise through my toughest contractions and voila – we had a baby boy brought into this world in the water.
I had pins and needles in my feet right after birth – Deb gave me a glorious foot massage while I was feeding/skin to skin with my baby just 30 mins old.
While trying to decide on a name – Deb offered me a cup of tea, which also was exactly what I felt like.

After birth
I had a sore back after birth – she came to my house (between breastfeeds) and gave me an extremely calming and gentle post-delivery massage.

I can’t thank you enough Deb!

Get a doula everyone – They are AMAZING!”

Chantell Lowe, Calm and happy mum / Facebook