Sacred Ceremonies and Circles

The ultimate purpose of ritual and ceremony is personal empowerment, remembering who we truly are and connecting with our own divine nature. From this space we are more able to accept whatever life offers toward our spiritual evolution, while maintaining balance and harmony.

Rituals and Ceremonies are more right brain oriented (feelings, intuition etc) and communicates directly to our soul and affects us on a subtle and often unconscious level. Through these practices, we bypass the analytical mind and connect directly with consciousness via the heart. It is not an intellectual activity; it is trust in spirit, the language of the soul.

In this fast-paced world, ritual and ceremony is a simple and practical avenue for opening to the experience of the sacred in every part of life. Rituals and ceremonies provide a positive and safe environment for the transformation of personal consciousness. It is a tool for developing courage, acceptance, contentment and self-respect and helps us to realise our inner strength and creative ability.

These sacred practices can shake a person free from the rigidity of ego that wants to limit our experience and expansion. They become a process of purification, of body, mind and psyche, clearing away the debris of old negative patterns and impressions. It goes beyond traditional counselling and straight to the heart of the matter.

When done with conscious intention, ritual and ceremony is an opportunity to step out of the mundane and renew ourselves, remembering that all life is interconnected and sacred—the Oneness of all life.